infrastrukt can be interpreted as:

"the infrastructure that takes place in the far reaches of society/government/etc"
"the destruction of infrastructure"
"a reference to both infrared wavelength and the k/t boundary"
"a veiled reference to heteroblancopatriarchal culture in which the consonant K connotes fascism or oppression, i.e. Amerika; via the invocation of both russian and kkk ideology or grammatical failing"

"I wasn't able to buy infrastruct.com or .org, which would have been more aesthetically and emotionally pleasing to both you and the author. When I am able to buy such a domain I will do so. Donations accepted."


Urban Guerilla Greening Series- Table of Contents

A series of upcoming articles concerning my currently unproven ideas regarding a possible system of efficient introduction of productive plants to disturbed environments such as vacant lots, abandoned fields, roadsides; and anywhere that you do not have constant access. Guerilla Gardening, reshaping the urban landscape, subversive ecology. Let the seeds fall where they may.

1. Seedballs
2. Three Sisters
3. Terra Preta
4. Arbuscular Mycorrhizae
5. Distribution
6. The Harvest


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